BCU Night

BCU dancers perform a salsa inspired dance routine. They also performed other dances that featured various techniques from different countries.
Performers in masks showcase a stepping routine.
Joshua Callawood and Cassidy Connelly’s characters meet for the first time. Cheers and applause could be heard from the crowd as they walked on stage.
Georges Ambroise watches the monitor and speaks to AV to ensure that the night runs as planned. He, along with social VP Maddy Thamos and VP Jedlee Germei, managed the night.
Students perform their rendition of “The African Dance,” a dance based off musical and movement styles from Sub-Saharan Africa.
Joshua Callawood and Cassidy Conelly argue as part of the play.
Choreographer Justice Welch strikes his final pose during the hip hop dance routine called the “Smeeze.” Welch was inspired by Bruno Mars’ performance during the 60th Grammy Awards.

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