See it in Spring: 2021 Fashion Trends


We finally made it through the season of layers upon layers, bright colored beanies and Doc Martens with every outfit. Soon, it’ll be too warm for turtlenecks under oversized sweaters. Gone are the days of freezing hands while walking between classes and feeling our breath under our masks. Now we will only freeze on our way to our 8 a.m.’s, only to find ourselves sunbathing by lunchtime. For these 60 to 70 degree days, what can we expect to see more of along the promenade? Here are some common trends that stood out from Spring 2021’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW):

  1. Bright colors all around

French blue, rust orange, marigold yellow, amethyst purple and mint green are what’s hot this season. A quick Google search of Pantone’s “Fashion Color Trend Report” from NYFW will show you exactly what you should be looking for in your pants, skirts, cardigans and blazers. Color block your outfits with these solid colors!

(Worthy note: Sage green, light tan and other pastels are STILL IN. I thought this trend would die last summer. Turns out, they just turned the saturation up a little bit and kept it going. Perfect for spring, honestly.)

  1. Crochet and knit everything (particularly sweater vests)

While sweater vests overtook the market last season, what I’m talking about are fun crochet vests and chunky knit cardigans. For those who are brave or bold with their fashion statements, crochet square pants made by hand or upcycled from old crochet blankets have been popping up all over Instagram. I recently bought a bright blue knit sweater vest for this upcoming season. I always thought vests were impractical, and I was wrong. They are literally the ideal spring layer.

  1. Midi-length skirts and dresses

For anyone who wears skirts or dresses, mid-calf is the way to go. Perfectly breezy, complete freedom of movement, and when it comes to dresses, an entire outfit in one. Vintage dresses from the ‘80s and ‘90s are usually cut to this length, and somehow “modest is hottest” has made it into the mainstream fashion trends of 2021. (To combine trends, some collections at NYFW showed entirely crocheted midi dresses.)

  1. Statement sleeves

Puffy sleeves, shoulder pads (I know, I know) or any other style that brings attention to your shoulders or arms are worth wearing. Lightweight blouses or button-downs with loose sleeves and a pair of your favorite trousers gives a classy and vintage look that will make you look more put together and fashion-forward. Statement sleeves also let you get away with some fun styles in a more professional environment.

For more inspiration, check out Vogue’s or The Trend Spotter’s analysis of this year’s fashion weeks. There are plenty more outfits and ideas to choose from, and I can’t encourage you to wear anything above the knee. Just kidding. Kind of. Happy spring!

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