Southern alumni start investment company to offer financial education


Written by Frank Canizares

Following a recent GameStop controversy that pitted small investors against larger ones, raising the stock price by as much as 1,700%, Southern alumni Gabriel Hernandez, ‘19, and Kye Hache, ‘20, decided to launch their own investment company. The business, called 2H Investing, began on March 1 and aims to teach people how to better invest their money by offering financial education relating to all forms of investments, including real estate, stocks and cryptocurrency. 

Prior to venturing into their dream jobs, Hache worked as a personal trainer, and Hernandez worked as a healthcare administrator at a chain of hospitals in Orlando. They both fell in love with finance at the end of 2017 with the popularization of cryptocurrency — online digital currencies that usually have some type of innate value built into them due to a defined scarcity. Cryptocurrency’s value fluctuates based on usage and scarcity, just like any other currency.

The popularization of cryptocurrency sparked a desire in Hernandez and Hache to learn about all kinds of financial mediums. 

“This journey has led us to the natural progression of wanting to share our passion and knowledge with others through our business,” Hache said. 

Although Hernandez said he found the GameStop controversy incredibly exciting to watch, he believes the average investor should shy away from such risky and fundamentally unstable situations.

“It’s always wise to venture into incomprehensible equity movements with an educated mind,” Hernandez said. 

Hache and Hernandez said they have succeeded at turning their investment counseling company into a profitable venture. In its first month, 2H has averaged weekly about $15,000 in realized gains, according to Hache.

“We are making more money than we spend, as well as seeing a relatively consistent membership growth trend week to week,” Hache said.

2H mainly gets its customers from social media advertisements from platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

According to Hernandez, 2H’s goal is to help individuals competently manage their money.

“Our company focuses on one goal: to make everyone we work with a more competent manager of the cash, assets and equities they have,” Hernandez said. 

At least one customer has said he benefited from services provided by Hache and Hernandez.

“A few weeks ago, I learned about options and how little I knew about them,” said Elias Costellanos. “Trading in this market is especially difficult right now, too. And, having them, as well as the whole group, makes it less stressful. …And, if I’m In the red, at least we can figure out strategies to amend it.” 

The expansion and growth of community has become 2H’s main priority, according to the entrepreneurs. 
“Our plans are to continue growth, expand more into educational tools [and] evening classes for our new members,” Hache said, “as well as to amplify opportunities to clients to get more involved within our community.”

Editor’s note: While the Accent encourages student and alumni entrepreneurs to share their stories, it is not our intention to endorse or recommend any particular business, product or service.

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