Talent Show

Talent Show (4h)
Nathan Moravets wins first place at the Talent Show, winning a total of $1,500. “[Winning] felt surreal, yet very rewarding. Being surrounded by my friends was the best part, and being able to meet other musicians made the night even better! It was an exhilarating moment that I’ll never forget.”
The Untalented deliver their renditions of Come and Get Your Love, Crazy Little Thing, and Put Your Head on my Shoulder. Earlier in the performance, David Oh played a pot and spatula.
SA Talent Show host Cameron Reel delivers his rendition of the “Toast Song” while playing a toaster with forks between performances. Co-host Aaron Patterson sat in disappointment because Reel was not allowed to be a contestant.
Ally Zapara sings a medley of Disney songs.
Sonia Joy and Dysphan Lumbangaol perform If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys.
Judges (left to right) Michael Baranda, Sheryl Kambuni, Lunelle Bertese and Ryan Becker critique the contestants. Their criteria for judging was based on originality, costume, audience reception, entertainment value, presentation and talent.
Nadine Peteros and her crew work to move the piano away for the next act. Behind the scenes, she was in charge of communicating with AV and preparing the stage for the next performer.

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