Asian Night preview: Everything you need to know

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On April 17, Asian Club will host the last major cultural celebration of the school year — Asian Night. There will be two shows at the Goliath Wall. The first will start at 9 p.m., and the second will start at 10:30 p.m.

Charles Dugaduga, sophomore nursing major, is the vice president for Asian Club and the director of Asian Night. 

“There’s no particular theme this year; we decided to change things up,” Dugaduga said. “We’re straying away from the traditional Asian Night or even all the cultural nights where there’s usually an underlying theme, like a storyline or skit.”

Dugaduga explained that because of COVID-19, things had to be different this time around, with smaller performance groups for each country.

“We had to cut down on participation because we just wanted to avoid being a problem with COVID,” Dugaduga said. “We didn’t want people getting quarantined in general, because when someone catches it, the whole team goes into quarantine. So, each performance will be in groups of five for each country.”

Asian Night was only planned over the past two months, but Dugaduga said this will not impact the quality of the cultural night. 

“Our performances will be top notch this year,” Dugaduga said. “A few countries have only been practicing for a month, but I’m really proud of where everyone is right now. It’s super exciting. We have really good choreographers, we have a lot of dancers. It’s a good thing to watch out for.”

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