Gym-Masters Home Show

Callie Grant performs aerial gymnastics on silks above the crowd.
Edgar Kavistan lifts Marisa Negón to demonstrate a strength stunt.
Tim Suzuki (back) and Chad Nash (front) do flips and spins. All the Gym-Masters circled the stage to show off their own style of trampolining and tricks.
Kedrick Larson carries Amie Shelley away during the performance. Shelley pretended not to be interested in doing stunts while Larson pleaded with her.
Jake Johnson balances Aimee Hunt during a hand-to-hand stunt.
Callie Grant and Hannah Shull soar above the crowd.
Jake Johnson supports both Amie Shelley and Katie Shelley. There were several times throughout the performance where the guys held up the girls in different positions, including triangles and pyramids.

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