Collegedale seeks to fill city manager position


On Feb. 23, former City Manager, Ted Rogers, announced his retirement, effective March 12. Thirty-three applicants submitted their resumes to fill the vacant role by the April 9 deadline, according to Bridgett Raper, Collegedale spokesperson. 

Commissioners voted unanimously at the March 1 commission meeting to have Municipal Technical Advisory Services (MTAS) to assist in the recruiting and hiring of the new Collegedale city manager. Since then, Municipal Management Consultant Honna Rogers has been assisting the city manager hiring process.

After MTAS finished its preliminary interview process of applicants with commissioners and key managers, the resumes were given to the Collegedale commissioners in preparation for their next meeting. 

“[We ask] what’s going to make that person the most effective and the best at doing this job,”  Rogers said during the March 16 special commission meeting. “[Then] we build competencies around that. Those competencies are what we use to build an assessment center. So you really make everything around what would meet Collegedale’s needs.” 

According to Rogers, the next step in the hiring process is for the Collegedale commissioners to choose four to five applicants to move on to the assessment center at the April 19 commission meeting.

The assessment center places the applicants in situations where they participate in exercises that simulate actual job situations. The selecting panel will evaluate the candidate’s behavior and performance through these exercises, according to the MTAS website. The assessment center will be held during the first week of May. 

“We do not have a set date for the hiring of a new city manager as there are many variables that play into the timing of the hiring,” Raper said.

According to the City of Collegedale’s website, the responsibilities of city manager include: managing the departments and services of all city employees, overseeing budget and finances, developing reports and serving the Board of Collegedale Commissioners and attending and participating in all commission meetings.

Since March 12, which was Rogers’ last day, Wayon Hines, city engineer of Collegedale, has been acting as interim city manager. He will continue to do so until a new city manager is hired.

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