Texas abortion law: A step in the right direction


Written by: Jamie Henderson

Once (but no longer) passionately pro-choice, I have many thoughts about the recent heartbeat bill passed in Texas. Though many people believe the law is unconstitutional and unfair, it is no different from any other law. No law condones murder, rape or theft. So why should the state allow the murder of an unborn child? 

My thoughts on the heartbeat law and abortion are based on the physical and mental effects of abortion, the resources available for those considering abortion and my Christian faith. 

The idea that abortion is about healthcare sets a dangerous precedent. The mental and physical risks of abortion are numerous and too often swept aside. Many post-abortive women who shared their stories reported experiencing mental health problems, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts. 

Dianne Wagner, who had two abortions and is now committed to “interceding for the sanctity of human life,” said, “The moment of relief after an abortion is deceptive and fleeting.” She initially had no doubts about the procedure; afterward, she was caught in a web of self-harm, bulimia, depression and insomnia that threatened both her life and marriage. 

According to the Texas Department of Health, some physical risks include an increased chance of miscarriage, infertility, organ damage, infection or death. These issues are covered in the “A Woman’s Right to Know” informational material, which is available to any woman in Texas who is considering an abortion. These potentially life-threatening side effects must be taken into account when considering abortion.

Pro-life supporters emphasize abortion alternatives. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-choice research organization, there are over 200 pregnancy resource centers which provide support for struggling parents for free. Let Them Live is an online organization that uses social media to raise money for mothers who see abortion as the only option. It has even used its resources to keep rape victims and their families safe from their abusers. 

Finally, multiple instances in the Bible influence my position. God knew us before we were formed in the womb. He created us in His image. His eye is on the sparrow, so why wouldn’t He care for the smallest unborn life? If we praise the Lord because we are fearfully and wonderfully made, shouldn’t we believe that unborn children are as well? 

Abortion is a delicate issue with many nuances and arguments. However, the points raised here are important for Christians to consider when formulating an opinion on the heartbeat law. 

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