SJC begins campus TV productions

Sam Oliveira hosts SAU News. Friday, September 24, 2021. (Screenshot from SAU News)
Sam Oliveira hosts SAU News. Friday, September 24, 2021. (Screenshot from SAU News)

Written by: Amanda Blake and Megan Yoshioka

The School of Journalism and Communication (SJC) recently began filming its second season of the student-led TV show “Ignite” and launched an unprecedented year of “SAU News.”

Last semester, “Ignite” began as a “15-minute weekly talk show [that] discusses issues and solutions relevant to Southern’s student community,” according to a previous Accent article. The show starred then-sophomore mass communication–advertising major Sarah Manuel and sophomore mass communication–media production major Aaron Patterson as hosts. 

According to Patterson, who is now a junior and returning as a host, “Ignite” recently began filming season two and plans to release an episode each Friday on Youtube @School of Journalism and Communication. The first episode was released last Friday. 

Last season, Manuel and Patterson interviewed a different guest, typically in the SJC’s TV studio, each week. A second segment of the show, titled “Cass on the Street,” featured then-freshman journalism–digital broadcast major Cassidy Connolly asking students and faculty questions related to the main interview. Season one of “Ignite” wrapped up with 12 episodes.

This season, Patterson is joined by new co-host Elise Deschamps, a senior journalism major. Patterson said they will continue conducting in-depth, relevant interviews this season.

“The overarching goal for “Ignite” is to be a unifying, uplifting and conversation-based talk show,” Patterson said.

One topic “Ignite” plans to cover this season is how the Seventh-day Adventist Church can emotionally and mentally support the LGBTQ+ community, according to Patterson. He also added that he and Deschamps will be interviewing a Southern alum who works for the Olympics.

Patterson said “Ignite” will no longer feature “Cass on the Street,” but will instead spotlight three new reporters. Two will conduct similar interviews to those featured in the segment, with one asking more lighthearted, humorous questions. The other will conduct short sit-down interviews. Patterson said these segments will be featured only on Instagram @ignitesau.

Also new this season is the addition of Ignite Live,” an event that will feature live musical performances and a special guest interviewed on stage, according to Connolly, who is the producer of the event. Connolly said “Ignite” plans to hold this event — open to all students — on Saturday, November 6, 6 p.m., in the Iles Gym. 

Last week, the SJC rolled out its first broadcast of “SAU News,” typically produced by SJC Professor Stephen Ruf’s television and news production class for a semester every other year. Currently, however, it is produced by Ruf’s broadcast news writing class and planned for the entire school year. Ruf said he wanted to jumpstart “SAU News” this semester to better engage his class and utilize the SJC’s recently acquired news set.

“[The news set is] giving us a tool like nothing we’ve ever had before to recreate a very professional studio backdrop for our student broadcast journalists,” Ruf said. 

Senior journalism — digital broadcast major Sam Oliveira, who is the producer of “SAU News,” said each newscast will typically last between three and five minutes and provide a “snapshot” of events on campus and in the local area. 

“[SAU News is] highly recommended for students since it’s stuff they should know,” Oliveira said.

According to Oliveira, they will upload a newscast every two weeks, typically on Monday or Tuesday, to YouTube @School of Journalism and Communication, Instagram @sau_news and Facebook @saujournalism.

“SAU News” released its first newscast on September 28. In it, Oliveira discussed a range of topics, including CK2’s impressive sales and an increase in student missionaries.

Ruf said if all goes according to plan, his television and news production class will produce “SAU News” next semester. 

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