423 Night Market to be held at the Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists upper parking lot

423 Night Market was held in front of Wright Hall last year. Saturday, October 17, 2020.
(Photo by: Xander Ordinola)
423 Night Market was held in front of Wright Hall last year. Saturday, October 17, 2020. (Photo by: Xander Ordinola)

On November 13, Student Association (SA) will host the annual 423 Night Market from 8 to 10 p.m. This event is an opportunity for students to sell their own creations to their peers. Goods being sold range anywhere from baked items to handmade art, and there will be about 75 booths this year, according to organizers. 

Southern’s SA President Jhosuet “Josh” Esten, senior accounting major, urged students to attend the event.

“423 Night Market is an amazing event where we can celebrate the creativity and hard work our students have made,” Esten said. “I know this year we will be blown away by what they create.”

According to Esten, SA was unable to reach an agreement with The Commons this year, so it will be holding the event in the Collegedale  Seventh-day Adventist Church upper parking lot to accommodate the large number of vendors.

“However, The Commons has expressed that they would love to partner with some of the student entrepreneurs we have on campus to sell their products there on selected Sundays,” Esten said. 

Students interested in that opportunity can email him at jesten@southern.edu.

Whether or not food would be allowed to be sold at 423 Night Market was a big question on  some students’ minds, and  Esten clarified the issue. 

“Yes! We are so happy that food will be able to be sold,” Esten said. “Just as last year, though, the vendors will have to prepackage all the food, and it must be vegetarian.” 

Students who are unable to attend the event but still wish to support student entrepreneurs may have another opportunity to do so, according to Esten. 

“If there are vendors who are partnering with The Commons on Sundays, we will make sure to let students know in The Weekender,” Esten said. “So please keep tabs on that.”

Junior nursing major Lauren Lapham is running a booth at this year’s 423 Night Market with her friends Sarah Manuel, junior mass communication – advertising major, and Jomar Villoso, junior marketing major.

“This is our first time selling anything at 423 Night, and we are selling Filipino street food (pancit and perkedel) and Filipino desserts (tapioca pudding and turon),” Lapham said. “Our booth is called ‘Markdown Munchies.’ We want to sell food since it wasn’t allowed last year, and food was the highlight for me from the 423 Night Market my freshman year.” 

Lapham said she, Manuel and Villoso are excited to represent their cultures as they try to cook as well as their moms while sharing their cultural food with the students on campus. 

“Estrella by Julie Jane” is a booth that will be selling handmade crochet accessories such as keychain wristlets, crochet pumpkins and crochet baby turtles. This booth is being run by senior health science majors Aly Cole and Julie Jane Pereira. 

Another booth to keep an eye out for is “The Mad Baker.” This booth is being run by MadiEsther Rodriguez, business administration major. 

“I’m selling baked goods –– chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate brownies, pumpkin spice cream cheese filled cupcakes,” Rodriguez said. “I did not sell anything last year and am wanting to sell now to get my name out there and network my brand.”

 Rodriguez said her earnings from 423 Night Market will go to further enhancing her company and brand.

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