Floor hockey preview

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The last intramural season of the semester is finally upon us: Floor hockey starts this week. One of the more competitive intramural sports on campus, floor hockey might not get the attention it deserves. Think soccer, but with sticks and a puck — who doesn’t want that?

Now, from November 2 to December 2, students here in the South will once again get to experience the unshakable intensity of hockey that the northern states and Canada know all too well.

These teams are Three leagues will play this year: one ladies’ and two men’s. The Ladies’ league features nine teams: Last Shot, Slap Crackle Puck, Eh Team, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Powder Puff Girls, Flying Elbows, Slick Stick Handlers, Floorotopes and Lucky Ducks. 

Only five teams in men’s A-League will battle for the championship, paving the way for an intense, competitive season. The Lifters, Southern Kraken, The Goonies, Old School and Our Goalie’s Thicc. 

The nine men’s B-League teams to compete aren’t lacking in nickname quality: Los Tigres del Sur, Shang-Chi Cheese, NHL Rejects, Hangry Latinos, Boolin’ Gang, Stick Slappas, WalkSoftandCarryaBigStick, The Lucky Pucks and Pucker Up.

The month of November will be an exciting one for hockey players and spectators alike. As each team knows, winning it all will take a combination of speed, agility, strength, stick-handling skill, teamwork and creativity. We’re in for a treat.

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