We should stick with intramural sports

Students on intramural sports teams play flag football. Thursday, October 8, 2020.
(Photo by: Xander Ordinola)
Students on intramural sports teams play flag football. Thursday, October 8, 2020. (Photo by: Xander Ordinola)

Written by: Russell Yoon

Southern Adventist University should stick with keeping intramural sports rather than creating intercollegiate sports teams, because intramural games get everyone involved.

While intercollegiate sports teams may be fun to play on or to cheer for, not many people will be able to represent those teams due to limited capacity.

We should keep intramural sports because everyone, despite their skill level, can participate and enjoy playing sports. 

Faculty also take part in intramural sports, and they would not be allowed to play on a team if we competed with other schools. Students and faculty both use intramural games as an escape from the stress endured throughout the week. If we were to take this away from students and faculty, I think mental health would become a bigger problem and people would not be exercising as much. 

Many students are constantly studying. I personally look forward to playing intramural games every week, and I use it as a study break. 

There are also other reasons why intramural sports should be kept rather than creating university sports teams. Creating a team to represent Southern would require tryouts, and it is never fun getting cut from a team. Instead of discriminating against those who are not as skilled as others, students should be encouraged to get out of their comfort zones and try a new sport. 

Some may argue that intramural sports are not competitive and that having an intercollegiate team would generate more competition for those who genuinely want to play; but I completely disagree. As someone who loves all sports and participates in every intramural, I have a lot of fun playing with friends while still engaging in competitive sports. 

Eliminating intramural sports would also be getting rid of jobs on campus. Most intramural games are officiated by our own students, and they would not officiate games played by a real university team. While there are a few reasons a team would be more fun for some students, intramural sports should remain a big part of Southern’s culture so that everyone can get involved.

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