LAC Night Rescheduled

LAC Night poster. (Photo courtesy of: Byron Montenegro)
LAC Night poster. (Photo courtesy of: Byron Montenegro)

Written by: Celeste Brooks

Originally planned for January 22, LAC Night has been rescheduled to Saturday, February 12.

 Southern administration had canceled or postponed Saturday night events during the last two weeks of January due to a spike in COVID-19 cases on campus.

Although the Latin American Club (LAC) was prepared to perform, Mile Pinero, LAC Night director, said the postponement was a “blessing in disguise.” 

“Coming back into the second semester, we had about four of our main dancers going into quarantine, and I went into quarantine the day of,” Pinero said. “I would’ve been quarantined through LAC Night.” 

The postponement was a shocking and difficult change of plans for both planners and participants, according to Pinero. When LAC Night was postponed, there was not a clear date for when it would be rescheduled. Pinero said the postponement was especially disheartening for those who had invested a lot of time into the preparation.  

“We had so much already set in motion to start the night,” Pinero said. “We had a backdrop that we rented and other stuff that we rented [and] needed to ship back, and then we’d have to spend more money.” 

Rescheduling LAC Night affected more than students and club members on campus.

“We had a lot of family members of people involved who had bought [plane] tickets to come,” Pinero said. “Other families were driving up, purchased hotels and had to cancel reservations.” 

As the new event date draws closer, more time and energy has been  put into planning and coordination, according to Pinero.

Junior English major Judah Brass is a dancer for LAC Night. He said performers have put in many hours in preparation for the event.

“This [winter] semester, we practiced dancing each day for two weeks from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.,” Brass said. “[We’ve practiced] a little less than 30 hours this semester so far. A lot of time is invested in this production. Everyone has been working hard.” 

Junior public relations major and LAC Secretary Lesieli Savelio said she will be working behind the scenes. 

“I’ll be doing more of the behind the scenes work for LAC Night and helping out where I can,” Savelio said. “Leading up to LAC Night, I’ve sent a lot of emails and worked on the communication aspect of things.”

Pinero said the event will be an “immersive experience” that will showcase how “Latin Americans make their dreams come true.”

This year, there will be dances, catered food, photo opportunities and live music, according to Pinero. LAC Night will be a first-come, first-serve event, which will be held in the Iles P.E. Center. Pinero said only the first 600 people will be served food. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., and groups will be let in one at a time. 

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