Student Association Election Candidates’ Platforms

Kenneth Bautista - Presidential Candidate
Kenneth Bautista - Presidential Candidate

Kenneth Bautista Presidential Candidate

This past year, I have served as executive vice president of Student Association. I have changed the SA Senate meeting process by assigning devil’s advocates to ask hard questions and enhance the productivity of the meeting environment. This has made SA Senate increasingly more effective. So far, we have spent $12,477.03 on projects for students on campus (the most in recent recorded history). I have personally spearheaded the Lift-Off Initiative, an entrepreneurship fund for student businesses, the construction of the road behind Southern Village and the purchase of over 60 pepper sprays and 90 rape whistles for the safety of women on campus. I have experience as a public speaker by hosting Asian Night 2020, being a finalist at Enactus’ LaunchU event and speaking during “GodxYou” student week of prayer. I have advocated for students in the past and will continue to do so in the future. My goal is to improve student life on campus through enhanced communication and a welcoming atmosphere.

My motto is “Feel Empowered, Be Heard.” My goal is to make Southern a place for everybody. I want to create an environment that empowers student entrepreneurs. I aim to create ways that students can build their own businesses or side hustles and know that their school fully supports their endeavors. I want to add an official Southern mascot to enhance student life by creating school spirit and hyping up SA sponsored events.

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“Together we can build a better Southern”

Htet Myint Executive Vice Presidential Candidate

My motto is “Service, Accountability and Artistry.” I personally have a passion for service and my hope is to encourage philanthropy among Southern’s students. I hope to do this by creating a platform for students to be able to support causes that they believe in. I hope to introduce an event that focuses on raising money for causes that students will promote. My vision is a sort of smaller 423 Night Market but with the theme of service. 

Furthermore, if I were to be elected, I hope to be an advocate for alcohol and substance abuse support on campus. I hope to work with my peers and administrators to brainstorm ideas and form ways we can enable students to feel empowered. I hope for all Southern students to not be afraid of taking the step to be the best version of themselves they can be. 

I also want to continue the work done by this year’s Student Senate and promote the new studio that the School of Music has purchased. I want to encourage artistry on campus by empowering Southern’s songwriters, poets and musicians. I hope to do this by implementing an initiative I would like to title the “Album Initiative.” At the end of the day, I have the desire and drive to make Southern a place that encourages service, accountability and artistry.

Lilly JorgensenSocial Vice Presidential Candidate

My name is Lilly Jorgensen, and I am a senior fine arts major. If I were elected as social vice president, I would use my creative and social skills to cultivate an environment that promotes a welcoming atmosphere and upholds our Adventist beliefs. 

I’m looking forward to creating a Roaring 1920’s welcome back party to remember with live jazz music. I also envision a fall festival with caramel apples and fun competitions with prizes, followed later in the semester with a game night, ice skating and Christmas caroling. We could kick off the winter semester with a romantic Valentine’s Day banquet with games for couples and singles, a movie night complete with popcorn and snacks, and a puppy and kitten day to help destress for finals week. Of course, we would finish the year strong with our beloved annual Strawberry Festival with a photo booth, strawberry-themed foods and a chance to win some cool Southern apparel.

Our social events also provide an opportunity to grow spiritually and be an example to our community. By helping our local nursing homes, homeless populations, refugee groups and animal shelters, we can build connections with those in our reach. In addition, I will also plan to provide resources for our lower income students through a 5k fundraiser race involving the local community, as well as other fundraisers throughout the year.

The best form of leadership is through example. I want to hear your ideas and also challenge you to improve our university and community, while building a lifelong relationship with God. I find value in a job done with excellence, and I am committed to creating the best experience for you as a student this next school year.

Erla TrevedanSocial Vice Presidential Candidate

Student Association events have always held a special place in my heart. During my freshman year, the welcome back party was where I made some of my closest friends. I want to provide that opportunity for all students at Southern. I want these events to be memorable and as interactive as possible, exceeding expectations. I am a junior accounting major and served as a Student Association senator in my sophomore year, and I am currently the Student Association executive secretary. I have seen first-hand what planning events like these take, and I know I am qualified to do these. 

First, I think it would be so fun to have a World Cup-themed welcome back party to start the semester! I also would love to have a banquet in the spring to give students the opportunity to dress up and take pictures. They are not easy to organize, nor are they easy to work, but that’s the beauty of it. 

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