Valentine’s Day date ideas for isolation and quarantine

Garrett Christensen eats lunch while in quarantine. He was placed in quarantine after feeling sick for a few days. Wednesday, February 2, 2022. (Photo by: Maiya Banks)
Garrett Christensen eats lunch while in quarantine. He was placed in quarantine after feeling sick for a few days. Wednesday, February 2, 2022. (Photo by: Maiya Banks)

With COVID-19 still lurking, the last thing any of us wants is to social distance from our crush on Valentine’s Day. Most of us would rather go on long walks, fancy dinners or other typical romantic adventures. But since the start of this semester, 310  students have been in isolation, with five currently in isolation and four in quarantine, as of February 7. It’s clear that an in-person Valentine’s date is not a guarantee.  

So, in case you or your crush find yourselves in this unfortunate scenario, these are four date/flirty ideas you can use to make your special someone feel cared for.  

  1. Deliver a care package.

If your love interest is the one in quarantine, a great way to show your affection is to deliver gifts to his or her quarantine room. This works especially well if you cook, as you can create home-cooked meals and deliver it to your crush. If you don’t cook, don’t panic — simply act as your crush’s personal Door Dash and grab their fast-food cravings. For a special Valentine’s Day touch, consider leaving candy or chocolates in their care package as well. 

However, care packages aren’t limited to food. In the winter months, sending a blanket will likely do wonders. Alternatively, you can also send your own sweaters for them to “borrow.” 

Finally, consider writing a note to attach to your care package. There’s something about creative or handwritten notes that’s extra romantic. 

  1. Create an artsy date.

This one probably takes the most planning on this list, but it’s honestly the most fun (which probably speaks to how much effort romance takes).

The idea here is to send your crush art supplies, then hop on video chat so you can create together. The best way to do this is to send a canvas with paints and brushes; but you can also send pages from a coloring book or art pencils and paper. 

Even if your Valentine isn’t artistic, it will give the individual a chance to do something that isn’t homework-related or on Netflix while they’re stuck in their room. 

  1. Find a multiplayer video game. 

In times when you can’t physically be together, video games are a great way to simulate cooperative activities. One that I like to play with my partner is Stardew Valley, where we can farm, find treasures and talk to other characters in the city. Otherwise, we’ll often play the minigames in the iPhone’s GamePidgeon app. There are a plethora of games out there, but other ideas that we’ve had a lot of fun with include Among Us (remember when that was popular?) and Draw Classic. 

  1. Visit them outside of their quarantine window.

I realize it’s a lot more convenient to simply Facetime your crush, but romance isn’t about convenience — it’s about showing real effort. So, exert that extra energy by visiting your crush outside their quarantine window.

If you don’t know what to do once outside their room, some popular ideas include bringing a guitar or ukulele to serenade them. However, if you want something more under-the-radar, consider bringing markers to draw on their window. You can even play fun games on the window such as Pictionary or Hangman. Once again, sometimes interrupting the monotony of quarantine is enough to leave an impression on your crush. 

These are just a few ideas you can use to spice up your social distance romance. Ultimately, I hope you have lots of fun trying these out and that you create lasting college memories. Have a happy and safe Valentine’s Day!

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