The Russian troops at the border of Ukraine are not merely a show of force

The Russian and Ukrainian flag (Illustration by: Nickolas Nieves)
The Russian and Ukrainian flag (Illustration by: Nickolas Nieves)

Written by: Naomi B. Daniels

Editor’s note: The following article was written prior to February 14, 2022.

An estimated number of 130,000 Russian troops (about the seating capacity of the John F. Kennedy Stadium) have settled right outside the Ukrainian border. The threat of a country so close to Russia’s border joining NATO has riled Russia’s leader into a frenzy.

 This “show” of military occupation seems like a final effort to stop the encroaching West. After much thought, I believe that this could be Russia’s way of starting World War III. Yes, this is a wild speculation, and the reasoning might not be sound, but we cannot afford to bypass any possibilities. 

It is unclear whether NATO will come to Ukraine’s aid, but the U.S. has already deployed  3,000 troops to eastern Europe in anticipation of Russia’s next move. There are many more on standby in the U.S. and in other European countries. Ukraine itself has promised to defend its home against the inevitable Russian invasion. So, from our vantage point, Russia has everything to lose, right? Can Russia overcome these odds, and will they even try? 

Here is the thing: Russia is not just a dead petrostate blowing smoke; it has one powerful ally that should not be forgotten –– China. China has been storing up its nuclear knowledge and artillery for years, and if they were to help Russia occupy and hold onto Ukraine, it would undoubtedly hold some power in Eastern Europe. Again, this is just speculation, but the facts are that Russia and China are indeed allies, especially against the United States. The state of China’s military prowess is ambiguous, and that is a problem. 

It may seem that Russia has a lot to lose if they decide to step foot into Ukraine, but  I believe that this is Russia taking a step towards an unknown agenda. If the U.S. decides to step in to help Ukraine, Russia will simply bring more troops and when the troops see that they are outnumbered, Russia will run to China for help. 

The U.S. will turn its wrath toward China. China will turn its nuclear weapons onto the U.S. And the world will be in the throes of a nuclear war. The troops at the border of Ukraine are not merely a show of force but the beginning of what might be a long and causality-filled war that will not end until the entire world is scathed.

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