Night of Worship to be held Saturday

Night of Worship poster.
(Poster courtesy of: Desther Rey Camacho)
Night of Worship poster. (Poster courtesy of: Desther Rey Camacho)

Written by: Lizbeth Rodriguez-Diep

Southern will host its first Easter-themed Night of Worship in collaboration with MERGE Worship and Engage Worship on Saturday, April 9. The event will be held at 7:15 p.m. in the fellowship hall of the Collegedale Church of Seventh-day Adventists.

The idea for creating a night of worship emerged after a group of musicians from Southern attended a local worship night. They thought “it would be an amazing opportunity and ministry to create something similar at Southern,” according to David Johnson, senior biblical studies major and one of four Night of Worship organizers.

The other organizers are senior nursing majors Desther Rey Camacho and Nathanya Vidal and sophomore theology major Karl Camacho.

Night of Worship is “a worship initiative to bring a blend of worship styles and provide students and worshippers an experience that connects them with God and leaves them wanting more,” according to a mission statement facilitated by Karl Camacho. 

 “We know there is transformative power in worship,” Karl Camacho said.

This night of worship in particular will have variety. The mission statement said that the night will launch with big, soulful, gospel praise ministered by MERGE Worship, transitioning into fun familiar songs from Rend Collective, followed by an environment of intimacy through songs designated by the Holy Spirit. Throughout the night, there will be pauses for reflection, prayer and spoken words.

Vidal explained why she thinks Southern needs a worship night.

“All the stress that a college student has to endure goes overlooked,” she said. “This is an opportunity for us to cry out to God and be open and vulnerable about our burdens, the trauma that we have been through and are currently going through.” 

Vidal said her desire for those in attendance is “to finally understand how beautiful and easy accepting salvation is.

“My prayer is that it will be a night of not just conviction but conversion,” she continued. “I want each student to be inspired to commit their lives, plans and future to God.”

Karl Camacho and the rest of the team said they want an atmosphere for students to freely express their need and love for Christ, not only during worship night but even after the event. Johnson said he is most excited to see how God is going to lead in people’s hearts after the event. If one person gets a clearer picture of just how wonderful Jesus is, Johnson said the whole thing will have been worth it.

The organizers emphasized that the event will not be a concert, but rather a night of worship. 

“There is no worship credit,” Desther Rey Camacho said. “Come because you want to sing, worship and be vulnerable with like-minded image bearers.”

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