What are we reading? A few book recommendations from the Master’s in Counseling graduate program

A diverse selection of books at McKee Library. Thursday, April 7, 2022.
(Photo by: Adam De Lisser)
A diverse selection of books at McKee Library. Thursday, April 7, 2022. (Photo by: Adam De Lisser)

Name: Kiana Oliver (Clinical Mental Health Program)

Book title: Psychopath free (Expanded Edition): Recovering from emotionally abusive relationships with narcissists, sociopaths and other toxic People (2015) 

About the author(s): Jackson MacKenzie believed he would never be happy again after experiencing a relationship with an ongoing cycle of emotional abuse. However, thanks to a Google search where he learned about psychopathy, MacKenzie became a co-founder of an online recovery community, PsychopathFree.com, where members can share their stories. 

Why do I recommend this book? It’s important to understand that not everyone who is selfish and manipulative can be diagnosed as a psychopath. Nevertheless, “Psychopath Free” offers its readers hope and validation. 

Favorite quote: “You are no longer a pawn in the mind games of a psychopath. You are free. And now it’s time for your adventure.” (p. xvi). 

Name: R. Delaney Harris (Dual Masters in Clinical Mental Health and School Counseling) 

Book title: How we love: A revolutionary approach to deeper connections in marriage (2006)

About the author(s): Milan and Kay Yerkovich are a power couple in the counseling field. Together, they have written this book and developed a course to accompany it. Learning about their relationship and attachment patterns has provided them with the skill and ability to aid others in their learning and growing journey. 

Why do I recommend this book? This book is a deep dive into attachment patterns, love styles and the trauma roots. Reading “How We Love” opened my eyes to the harmful ways I dealt with stress and handled the important relationships in my life. After reading this book, my relationships, communication patterns and friendships improved dramatically. 

Favorite quote: “We are not born knowing how to understand and express what is inside our souls. That kind of knowing ourselves requires contemplation and reflection. We have to learn to notice and be aware of our internal experiences, to search our hearts and find words for what is inside us. Being fully known and understood requires that we say aloud to someone else what is going on within our souls.”

Name: Shirali Pathak (Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program)

Book title: The teenage brain: A neuroscientist’s survival guide to raising adolescents and young adults (2015)

About the author(s): Dr. Frances E. Jensen is a renowned neurologist and researcher who has created this book for a deeper insight and understanding of the teenage brain from a neurological and psychological point of view. The teen years include vital stages of development that Frances uncovers while also offering practical advice to teens, parents and teachers. 

Why do I recommend this book? Reading this book will help individuals understand how the brain works and develops in the teen years. It can also answer questions about those around us in their teen years, ourselves and why we made certain decisions when we were in our teens. “The Teenage Brain” can help individuals better understand teenagers or prepare for this stage of development in the future.

Favorite Quote: “The truth of the matter is… adolescents are not an alien species, just a misunderstood one.”

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