Bautista confirms next year’s Student Association team; Memories editor position unfilled

Kenneth Bautista delivers his speech during the Student Association candidate speeches.
Thursday, February 17, 2022. (Photo by: Maiya Banks)
Kenneth Bautista delivers his speech during the Student Association candidate speeches. Thursday, February 17, 2022. (Photo by: Maiya Banks)

Written by: Sierra Ureta

Junior management major and 2022-2023 Student Association (SA) President Kenneth Bautista confirmed next year’s SA team. 

The student body voted Bautista into his position in February during the SA election alongside sophomore medical laboratory science major Htet Myint, who will serve as executive vice president, and junior accounting major Erla Trevedan, who will be the social vice president. 

Junior accounting major Briana Collins will transition into the vice president of finance position from her current position as assistant to the vice president of finance. Junior finance major Zach Kirstein will take over Collins’ current role.

Junior biology major Alexis Im was hired as the executive secretary, according to Bautista. Senior chemistry major Issac Abraham will take on the position of cultural liaison. The parliamentarian will be junior music major Aron Mariano, and sophomore management major Vanisha Bonilla-Downs will be the communication director.

Junior English major Alana Crosby was recently selected as next year’s Southern Accent editor-in-chief. Junior mass communication – photography major Xander Ordinola will fill the position of Strawberry Festival producer. The SA media board is still searching for a Memories editor.

Bautista said his main goal for next year’s SA team is to provide support to the team members. 

“My main goal right now is to support my team in everything they do,” Bautista said. “Once they feel supported, we can really grow.” 

Bautista said he had previously joined clubs such as Asian Club and SMARRT, a business club that practices financial investing. He said the experiences he gained through those opportunities will help him in his new position.

“It really helped me [gain] valuable experience that I think I’m going to use as president, like how to plan meetings, how to meet people, how to assemble a good team and how to advocate for students,” Bautista said.

Bautista said he initially ran for president after much encouragement. 

“My brother [Kyle Bautista, Southern alumnus] has always been there,” Bautista said. “He actually did most of my campaign. In California, he would call me [as] I read through all my speeches with him and my girlfriend. She’s always supporting me in everything that I do.”

Bautista said he received that same encouragement and support during his battle with cancer. He said he wants to give back to others as a result of his experiences.

“There were so many people that supported me, and my family showed me so much love that I want to give back,” Bautista said. “My perspective has shifted to give back to others more often and be grateful for what I have.”

Bautista expressed a desire to be a voice for the students of Southern.

“No matter who you are, send me an email,” he said. “Come into the office at any time. If you have a concern, if you have complaints [or] a problem, let me know. I’m here for you.”

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