Summer sports events to look forward to

Fourth of July Fireworks at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. Monday, July 3, 2017.
(Photo by: Larry Goodwin)
Fourth of July Fireworks at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. Monday, July 3, 2017. (Photo by: Larry Goodwin)

The winter semester of 2022 for Southern Adventist University is winding to an end, and summer is just on the horizon. While school may be finished for most students, summer sporting events will just be starting for sports fans. There are going to be plenty of events to look forward to this summer in the sports world, and they will continue all summer long.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) regular season came to a close on April 10, and playoffs have already started. The respective eight teams from the Western and Eastern conferences vying to win the NBA Finals creates a very exhilarating atmosphere for basketball fans. The NBA Finals start on June 2 and have the potential to run to June 19 if necessary. The NBA playoffs will run all the way through May. 

Additional playoffs are also on the horizon with the National Hockey League (NHL) regular season coming to a close. Just like with the NBA, the playoffs are a very exciting time for hockey fans across the United States and Canada. 

The NHL playoffs start on May 2 with eight teams from each conference, the same as with the NBA. The teams will compete for the Stanley Cup, and the playoffs could run all the way to June 30 if there is a game seven in the Stanley Cup Final. 

The U.S. Open, the next big golfing event of the season, will take place in June. The U.S Open is one of the four major tournaments for golfers. One of the most appealing aspects of a golf tournament is its ability to make a lesser-known golfer into one of the biggest names in the golf world. The U.S Open this year will be held in Brookline, Massachusetts, on June 16 to 19. Many golfers will try to win the U.S Open with fans being able to relish every minute of it. 

Major League Baseball’s regular season is already underway and will be running all summer. Fans are able to watch their favorite teams almost daily. 

Summer is a great time for fans to go to watch their favorite teams play. The 4th of July has special appeal for fans because sporting events often have fireworks in addition to the game. 

 With the many sports events happening, sports won’t slow down this summer. There is bound to be something exciting for everyone. 

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