Ooltewah man arrested for stalking a Southern Adventist University student

Mugshot of Paul Michael Germaine. (Photo courtesy of: Collegedale Police Department)
Mugshot of Paul Michael Germaine. (Photo courtesy of: Collegedale Police Department)

Ooltewah resident Paul Michael Germaine was arrested last week for stalking a female student on Southern Adventist University’s campus. 

According to a news release issued by the Collegedale Police Department (CPD) on April 22, Germaine was arrested at his home by CPD officers and sheriff’s deputies last Thursday night on April 21. 

Germaine is alleged to have stalked a female student at Southern starting last month, according to the news release. On March 5, the student noticed a suspicious older white male following her around campus and into the cafeteria where he appeared to watch her while she was eating with friends.

Later that day, the aforementioned student saw the same man standing by her car when she exited her dormitory, according to the release. As she approached her car, the man walked to his own nearby vehicle, pulled a backpack from the car and started to approach her while his hand was inside the backpack. It was at this point that she stopped and ran back to her dorm, the release stated. The man is alleged to have returned to his car and fled the scene. 

The student called Campus Safety for help, and Campus Safety reached out to Hamilton County dispatch for a CPD officer to respond. 

A month later on April 11, according to Southern’s daily crime and fire safety log, the victim reported that the same man was following her on campus again. 

The university provided video surveillance footage of the man to the CPD, which then shared the footage with other area agencies in the hopes of identifying the suspect. 

The school resources officer for Ooltewah High School identified Germaine and informed CPD investigators that Germaine had been removed from school grounds last October when he had been caught acting strangely during a football game and was discovered to have filmed cheerleaders, according to the news release.

Germaine has no affiliation with Southern Adventist University or Ooltewah High School, according to police.

According to the news release, Germaine had also been removed from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s campus in October, 2019, for videotaping college women. He had also been removed from the Walmart on Signal Mountain Road in May, 2021, for videotaping female shoppers there. 

Germaine is currently out on a $35,000 bond. His first court date has been set for August 24, 2022, in Collegedale.

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