Where do you meet God? Share your story

Madison Wilcox enjoys the sunrise from Dege Peak in Rainier National Park. Wednesday, July 20, 2022.
(Photo by: Joey Shiu)
Madison Wilcox enjoys the sunrise from Dege Peak in Rainier National Park. Wednesday, July 20, 2022. (Photo by: Joey Shiu)

“So paradise does exist,” I wrote in my journal this summer after watching the sunrise on the face of Mount Rainier. I had hiked Dege Peak at 3:30 a.m. on three hours of sleep, but I didn’t regret it. I needed to see height, distance and enormity. I needed the sun in my eyes again at the top of a mountain. 

Returning to school, the image of Rainier still fresh in my mind, I remembered my old routine from last semester: morning walks on the biology trials. The ridges and lookouts of the Tennessee hills could hardly be called peaks, but I knew the same sun would be there, rising on these hills first and then on Rainier a few hours later. 

I decided to begin my morning walks again. 

But I don’t do it just for the sunrise. It’s on these peaks, mountains and hills that I’m beginning to learn to talk with God, to wait for Him and to listen to His Word. This time with God carries me forward through dull days, days where the sun never shows its face and the trails are slick with rain water. And so I continue making my way up the trails, talking to God and waiting for the sun. 

But that is my story. And this column, I believe, is not just the place for my story. It’s also the place for yours.

 As religion editor, my goal is to provide a place for you to tell your own story and share the encouragement you have found in your own walk with God. Not everyone meets Him as I do, hiking up the biology trails, waiting for the sun. None of us have a complete grasp of truth either. Alone, we cannot gain a clear picture of the heart of God, nor can we hear the totality of His encouragement towards us. We need each other. 

In light of this need, I encourage each of you to share. Share from the places where God has met you in the push and pull of your own life. Tell about the truths of the Word that have kept you faithful in difficulty; tell about the truths that have challenged you. Again, we need each other. 

Now, there are two ways to interact. The first is to submit an article for publication in this column. I am especially eager to publish testimonies. I am also interested in articles that share how Bible truths have been revealed in your personal life.

The second way to interact is to submit questions for the editor. Discussion is an important part of growth. Consider this column a space where questions can be raised, and Christina Cannon, my staff reporter and I will do our best to allow the Bible to speak clearly in our responses.  

I look forward to the semester ahead.

Please send submissions or queries to madisonw@southern.edu. Articles must be at least 500 words. Questions for the editor must be 100 words or less. 

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  1. I am a California friend of the editor, Madison Wilcox. This is a beautifully written invitation for her fellow students to join her in such an important exploration. Everything she has shared with me point to a promising career for a special young woman. Thank you, Madison.

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