Voters elect Morty Lloyd and Tonya Sadler to Collegedale Commission in a close race

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Collegedale voters elected Morty Lloyd and Tonya Sadler to the Collegedale Board of Commissioners during Tuesday’s election, according to the Hamilton County election website.

As of Wednesday morning, Lloyd was leading with 1,195 votes and Sadler with 1,063. Sadler beat another candidate, Billy Burnette, by just 35 votes in the competitive race between four contenders.

Lloyd is the senior pastor at the Chattanooga Church off Bonny Oaks Drive. Sadler, a Hamilton County criminal court clerk, has previously worked for the City of Collegedale as a Municipal Court clerk and spokesperson for the Collegedale Police Department.

While both candidates won their election bids, the results will not be official until next week when the Board of Commissioners meets to confirm the outcome of the election, according to a clerk at the Hamilton County Election Commission.  

Every two years the city holds an election for the Board of Commissioners, which consists of five citywide, at large seats. Members serve staggered four-year terms, according to the City of Collegedale website

This year, the two incumbents, Ethan White and Larry Hanson, did not run for re-election, leaving two positions open on the five-person board.

In addition to Lloyd, Sadler and Burnette, Ted Rogers also competed for a commission seat.

Burnette is a paramedic and assistant chief who has worked for Hamilton County Emergency Medical services for the past 29 years. Rogers previously served as the Collegedale city manager.

The results for each candidate, including write-in votes, can be found on the Hamilton County election website.  

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