Campus Shop changes prove good for students, bad for sales

The Southern Shoppe sign in Bietz Center for Student Life
Monday, December 5, 2022 (Photo by: Alana Crosby)
The Southern Shoppe sign in Bietz Center for Student Life Monday, December 5, 2022 (Photo by: Alana Crosby)

Written by: Naomi Linder

Last fall, Southern Adventist University debuted its new student center, the Bietz Center for Student Life. With this new space came the relocation of numerous campus resources such as the Campus Shop, which was previously located next to the Village Market on University Drive. The store, renamed the Southern Shoppe, is located on the first floor of Bietz.

In an interview with the Accent, Sydney Whitmill, senior education major, said moving the bookstore was a positive thing for students. 

“Now that the campus shop is in Bietz, I feel like it’s so much easier for me to stop in and get what I need,” Whitmill said. “Walking all the way to the VM and then carrying my stuff back to the dorm was not it; Bietz feels so much closer.”

While this move seems to have positively impacted some students, administrators tracking sale numbers said the relocation has negatively impacted revenue for the shop. According to Doug Frood, vice president for Financial Administration, moving the shop away from University Drive has decreased the number of community customers. 

When asked if the move has affected the shop’s financial status, Frood said, “On one hand it’s great because the students are a little closer to it, but [it has] now lost the off-the-street traffic.”

Another change the bookstore made was moving to MBS, the largest used college textbook wholesaler, as its sole provider of textbooks. According to Frood, this has decreased the amount of money students have to pay for their books by thousands of dollars, which also has resulted in less revenue for the shop. 

Frood said the store has been looking to increase sales of other items such as clothing, but because there is less street traffic, it has been focusing more on online sales. 

“It may not be perfect,” Frood said, “but we’ve made progress.”

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