Frogurtland closing, rebranding as K-Foods, High Point set to open restaurant in same location

"I think that K-Foods is making food for our sons and daughters, and I love those relation- ships with Southern students." (Photo by: Adam De Lisser)

Frogurtland recently closed the doors of its Apison Crossing location. However, according to its current owner Fred Chang, it doesn’t mean an end to the dumplings, fried rice and kimbap they make, which can be found at Southern Adventist University’s cafeteria and Village Market.

Chang – who ran the restaurant alongside his wife, Miky Chang, and sister, Connie Kim – said the family began catering Korean food at Southern because they wanted to provide students the option of familiar meals.

 “It’s a long story,” Chang said about their catering journey, “but we first started serving Korean food because there were a bunch of Korean students who came to our house every other Friday for Bible Study, [and]  we would make them Korean food. They told us they badly wanted to eat Korean food in school, so we inquired with Southern’s cafeteria to start delivering Korean food.”

Chang said he heard similar wishes from [students’] parents, who he knew personally as friends or through his family’s friends. These parents were worried about their children’s abilities to cope with the lack of Korean food in the area.

According to Chang, the family first utilized the cafeteria kitchen to make and package the food. However, due to COVID-19, they were forced to find a kitchen outside of the college where they could continue cooking.

“In that way Frogurtland came to us an additionally, but unwanted business,”

Chang said about the origin of the restaurant. “But we closed Forgurtland’s doors recently because we are physically so tired.”

Chang said in quitting Frogurtland the family is now focusing wholly on catering to Southern and rebranding themselves as K-Foods. They hope to supply more diverse foods to the cafeteria and Village Market. 

In the meantime, according to Chang, the physical space of Frogurtland will not remain empty for long, as High Point Chinese Seventh-day Adventist Church has taken over with plans to start its own restaurant there. It will open sometime in May after a couple of renovations, according to Chang. 

“The results of our initial idea to provide Korean food to Southern was fully unexpected,” Chang said about the growth of the business. “Not only were we able to provide it for the students who craved familiar meals and were children of my own friends attending Southern, but we found that a bunch of other students also liked the food we made, which allowed us to expand our foods and become involved full-time with this job. 

“All three of my kids have graduated from Southern, and now my nephew and niece are attending this school,” he added “Even though my kids have all left the home, and I’ve become an empty nester, I feel I have many sons, daughters, nephews and nieces. I think that K-Foods is  making food for our sons and daughters, and I love those relationships with Southern students.” 

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