Sabbath Chats: A new Sabbath School for students

Students will receive a complimentary breakfast at this new Sabbath School. (Illustration courtesy of Esteban Grajales)
Students will receive a complimentary breakfast at this new Sabbath School. (Illustration courtesy of Esteban Grajales)

Student Association (SA) will introduce a new Sabbath School class, titled “Sabbath Chats,” to campus this semester to help students grow in their relationships with Jesus and one another, according to Esteban Grajales, senior theology major and SA vice president of spiritual life. 

Grajales has been preparing for Sabbath Chats since being hired in May, he said in an interview with the Accent. Sabbath Chats will be student-led and cover content provided by professors hand-picked by Grajales. 

This new class will aim to build community and answer students’ questions “on the Bible, Christianity and society” through a biblical lens, Grajales said. He added that Sabbath Chats will provide a time for students to dive into God’s Word, to understand that God is real and implement Him and His Word into their reality.

Sabbath Chats were part of SA President and senior finance major Jared Chandler’s presidential campaign last semester.

“SA’s vision for this year is to help our students grow spiritually, physically, socially and mentally,” Chandler said. “When it comes to helping our students grow spiritually, we believe that Sabbath Chats will be very effective. … Sabbath Chats is our twist on Sabbath School, giving students a place to connect with each other and grow spiritually through biblical discussions and learning from experts at our university.”

Grajales is SA’s first vice president of spiritual life, as the position was created and approved last school year. In this new position, Grajales’ main responsibility is to make Sabbath Chats happen, which he believes will respond to a need on campus.  

“Sabbath School isn’t part of college students’ lives,” Grajales said. “ … I kind of wanted a space where topics that aren’t addressed necessarily in church can be discussed Biblically, and also provide a food option.”

Sabbath Chats will begin Saturday, Sept. 9, at 10:00 a.m in the Bietz Center for Student Life and will continue on a “more or less weekly” basis, Grajales said. Although they will not offer students worship credit, the chats will provide attendees a complimentary breakfast. 

Grajales explained that each Sabbath Chat will start with food in the Grid, and at 10:30 a.m., student leaders will break off with groups to hold discussions throughout the building. Each student leader will have pre-planned content given to them by a professor, providing them with questions to discuss with their group.

Because Sabbath Chats will be student-led, SA needed to find student leaders. Booths were available during the ministry expo where students could scan QR codes to sign up as volunteers, according to Grajales. He said these leadership positions are “for anyone who feels called to either lead a group or to serve as a greeter or to serve breakfast,” giving students different opportunities to be called by God. The link to help serve is still available via Linktree on the SA Instagram page.

Grajales’ hope for Sabbath Chats is that students will be able to connect with God through His Word and begin building a habit of talking to Jesus. 

“The goal, maybe, is when they leave college, [they will] really yearn for that community in Christ,” Grajales said.  “ …  [whatever] that looks like in the future.” 

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