Fulfilling student health needs: UHC’s ‘What About:’ Series returns to campus

The men's upcoming "What About:" discussion will cover self care for viral respiratory illnesses. (Graphic courtesy of source)

The University Health Center (UHC) is bringing back a student-focused discussion series on various health topics titled “What About:” after almost three years of inactivity.

The meetings are held the first Monday of each month in the male and female dorms. The genders are separated due to the gender-specific nature of some of the topics, UHC nurse practitioner Michelle Mix wrote in an email to the Accent. 

Women meet in the Wolftever room in Thatcher South, and men meet in the Talge Hall recreation room. For the upcoming Nov. 6 meeting, men will be discussing self care for viral respiratory illnesses, and women will discuss menstrual and women’s health problems. Other topics covered throughout the series address cold/flu symptoms, depression/anxiety, physical fitness and healthy relationships. Cultural credit and food are offered at each event. 

The women’s upcoming “What About:” discussion will cover menstrual and other women’s health concerns. (Graphic courtesy of source)

“We started ‘What About:’ in 2019 after noticing a need for more health-related education for the student body,” Mix stated. 

The discussions are intended to give students answers to a variety of health concerns in an informal setting.  

“What About:” stopped when COVID-19 hit campus. Since then, many students have  requested information about the pandemic and other health-related topics, so UHC felt it needed to start the series again. 

“We want to provide a judgment-free environment to tackle health-related questions and concerns our students are facing,” Mix stated. “By having these discussions, we are able to provide information to our students with a biblical foundation that is applicable to their modern day lives.”

Mix said that the UHC has been thrilled with the turnout so far, with about 60 students attending each session. The health center intends to hold the series throughout the year.

“As long as students show an interest in attending,” Mix stated, “we will be there.”

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