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“Bring It” is a new Enactus project that strives to help students with future businesses, and a change in leadership occurred at the start of the 2019 winter semester. Sophomore business administration major Isaac Fernandez has taken the role of Project Manager.
“We are starting to do more events in the school and be more involved at Southern,” said Fernandez. “We have workshops and networking events coming up for students to meet business people and entrepreneurs.”
Event planning for the semester continues, as well as events for the upcoming school year. One of the projects that Bring It did this semester was a game night at KR’s Place.

The idea of game night came from sophomore religious education major Brandon Bell. Bell aspires to open a board game café.
“I was trying to think of a unique way I could minister to people, and I thought ‘What if I combined board games with a Christian environment?’” said Bell. “The game night was a test run to see if students enjoy playing board games while eating.”
Aside from Bell, the Bring It project has helped two other students. Bring It hosts a competition that provides an opportunity for student entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas. Pitch competitions occur only once a school year. This year the winners were nursing senior Joey Rocha and Southern alumni Caleb McKinney.
A lot of the marketing for Bring It is done by Student Association. “They help us get through obstacles with the school,” said Fernandez. “SA has been helpful with guiding the program in the right direction and connecting Bring It with students.”
Fernandez wishes to reach more Southern students who are interested in having a business.
“It starts off small like every great thing, and then it develops into something great.” said Fernandez. “There are a lot of students at Southern that have their ideas and are working on them already but just don’t know that Southern is trying to help them.”
For inquiries about Bring It, email or direct message them on Instagram @BringItToChatt.

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