Career Services offers an interactive interview online practice

Big Interview is a step-by-step online interviewing training system offered by Career Services. Interview Coach Pamela Skillings uses interactive practice techniques that help college students succeed. Southern students and graduates can create a free account using their student email.
“Big Interview proved useful for my interview with Loma Linda University dental school,” said Gus Moretta, who graduated from Southern with his bachelor of arts in biology in December 2018. “I really liked the software.”
Daniel Olson, Career Service Coordinator, started promoting the program on campus at the start of the 2017-2018 school year as a free trial. The online program has a straightforward feature that makes it easy to navigate the website. Students can learn at their own pace with a variety of videos covering all aspects of interviewing. “In interviewing, there can be difficult questions,” said Olson. “By using Big Interview, the students would be better equipped to know how to answer those questions.”
Chelsea Dancek graduated May 2018 with a bachelor of science in biology with a biomedical emphasis. Dancek started using the website during the summer of 2018 because she had dental school interviews coming up during the fall and winter semesters.
“Big Interview gave me the tools and structure to prepare for my dental school interviews. Without it, my preparation was scattered and not very efficient,” said Dancek. “I was looking up random websites with questions and typing up answers. With Big Interview, I was able to pace myself so that I was able to go through all the lessons and materials that I needed in time for my interviews. It forced me to take the time to think through each question and jot down stories that illustrated my answers. I appreciated how it had specific questions for those going in for medical/dental school interviews versus job interviews.”
There are many career categories like accounting, advertising, business, and technology. The online program offers extensive interview practice videos for a career in industry, admissions, or government.
“The lessons were my favorite features,” said Dancek. “They had both videos and written lessons to cater to different kinds of learners. They included helpful tips, examples, and prompts that assisted me in thinking through solid answers and strategies.”
“By God’s grace, I have completed four interviews and have been accepted to two dental schools thus far,” said Dancek. “I know that Big Interview played in a crucial role in preparing me for my interviews.”

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