My savior in the drought: Learning from the faith of a widow

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Written by Juan Carlos Grajales

These past couple of months have been rough to our world. You may be thinking, “How on Earth will I recover from this?” 

The Bible tells us the story of a widowed woman who, with her young child, gathered the last few scraps of food and provisions to make what would be their last meal. However, in her despair and fear, God saved her and her son. 

The land in those days was devastated by a three-year-long drought, and millions of people were suffering from dried-up crops and lack of water for their animals and themselves. Yet, out of all of those people who needed the help, God specifically chose to send Prophet Elijah to the widow and her son.

Fast-forward a little bit, we now find ourselves at the local synagogue in Nazareth where Jesus is speaking. To the people inside the synagogue, and to us, Jesus speaks of the faith of the widow at Zarephath in the times of Elijah as the differential key that separated her from the lawlessness around her. This faith is one that the children of God desperately need and the one that  God so willingly wants to give. 

Bear with me one second, because this is what I’m getting at: In this COVID-19 infected world, where millions have lost their jobs and income, where millions are suffering from abuse on the outside and inside, where millions are being ravaged like the land that was whipped by drought for three years, God has promised a way for  those who have faith. 

My dear friend, faith is not just a blind “feel happy” kind of thought. Faith is not what many out there may negatively think it to be. The story is told of a father who was looking for a house to buy for himself and his 6-year-old daughter. As they looked around a particular house, the father decided to check out the basement area – a completely dark place. Now, from the basement you could see fine.  But for the person looking down from above, it was pitch black. 

As the father climbs down the wobbly ladder and inspects the basement, his young daughter decides she wants to follow her dad. She yells down to her dad, “Where are you?!” Her dad replies, “I’m right here; jump down and I will catch you.”

 The little girl could not see anything, but her father could see exactly where she was from below. Through her fear, she decides to trust in the voice of her father and takes the leap of faith to find herself in her father’s arms.

It is God’s promise to take care of those who trust in Him as their Father. God wants to give to you – my dear friend – peace, guidance and real solutions for the troubles in your life. All you need to do is trust in His word. “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18.

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