Gym masters sets new tryout safety guidelines


Southern Adventist University Gym-Masters will be implementing new safety measures in its try-outs, practices and shows for the 2020-2021 school year due to COVID-19. 

According to Gym-Master’s Team Manager Aimee Hunt, tryouts will be held Aug. 24-27 at 6 p.m. at the Gym-Master’s gym in the Hulsey Wellness Center. A second session will be held at 7 p.m. if there are more than 50 students present to try out. 

“Usually, tryouts include lots of group skills testing,” Hunt said. “But to keep contact to a minimum, this year’s tryouts will be individual skills, and strength testing.” 

After students get their temperatures checked and take their outside shoes off, they will enter through one door and practice and exit from another. In addition to these measures, there will be hand-sanitizing stations set up around the gym and each team member will be provided a face mask, according to Hunt. 

“There will be more individual routines, and working in ‘family groups’ so that the same team members are working with each other to keep contact to a minimum,” Hunt said.  

In past years, the Gym-Masters performed throughout the school year at different Southern events and shows, but due to the restrictions of COVID-19 that will be limited this year. 

“We are not leaving campus for any shows, first semester,” Hunt said. “[However,] we hope to have a special event produced for the end of the semester.”

According to Hunt, Gym-Masters is planning on having shows during the Winter 2021 semester, but that has not been finalized. 

“Big group routines will have to wait, but not eliminated completely,” Hunt said. “The face masks will also be a change for the athletes. We will be spending more time on ‘classic’ gymnastics, meaning hand balancing, tumbling and flexibility.” 

To tryout , fill out the Tryout Form located on the Gym-Masters website at For questions and more information, contact Aimee Hunt at 

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