Residence halls and Southern Village see air filtration devices installed into AC units


As Southern’s housing departments prepare to welcome students back to campus, the AC units located in Thatcher, Thatcher South, Talge and the Southern Village apartments have been altered with needle point bipolar ionization (NPBI) devices designed to improve improve air quality. 

After a test run of the NBPI devices proved effective in reducing air particulates, allergens, mold and killing a variety of viruses, installation began in each residence room, according to Financial Administration Associate Vice President Marty Hamilton.

“All of the residence hall AC window units have been pulled out, cleaned, and then installed with the device,” Hamilton said. “It has no harmful byproducts and does not generate ozone gas like many other air ionizers and even UV light devices.”

According to Plant Services Director of Building Systems Dennis Clifford, although the installations began back in March, Southern had already been in contact with the  NBPI manufacturer before COVID-19, looking to purchase the product. 

“Ninety-five percent of the installations are complete, with the Service Department being the only area left to have the devices installed,” Clifford said. “Systems have been installed into dorm rooms and Southern Village apartments—one per dorm room, plus a bigger one for lobbies and hallways, and one per apartment in Village.”

Since the project began, Clifford said a team of about 16 people have been working on the installations, including student workers from Plant Services. 

“The most challenging part has been how time-consuming the project was,” Clifford said. “They’ve [the team] installed between 2,000 and 3,000 units. The ones in the dorms, which are the smallest ones, take about 30 minutes each to install.”

According to Global Plasma Solutions’ (GPS) FAQ page, the company that manufactures the device, its GPS technology can be installed in any system in any building. Additionally, it states that its technology saves energy consumption and lowers one’s carbon footprint, all while delivering clean indoor air that is safe and healthy.

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A Global Plasma Solution (GPS) device, which improves air quality through needle point bipolar ionization, has been installed in the AC units of each dorm room and Village apartment. Photo by Paola Mora Zepeda.

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