Intramurals ramp up, adjust to COVID-19 precautions

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Intramural softball is now at the halfway point, and teams are beginning to find their rhythms during this unusual season. The COVID-19 pandemic did not cancel the season, but it did create a series of rules and regulations to help protect players from possible exposure. Team players are required to wear their masks when in the dugout and are required to socially distance– although players that are on the field are exempt from the mask rule. The Southern intramurals program has taken necessary precautions to allow this season to take place. And, so far, students seem to be adapting well.

 “Sometimes, it can feel like an inconvenience. But at the end of the day, we are just glad to be out here playing softball still,” said Aden Sikes, sophomore math education major.

Despite these changes, a number of teams seem to have adjusted and continue to play well across the board. In the women’s softball league, both the Southern Breeze and Lucky 13 2.0 are leading in the standings. Team SOS trails these two teams, but still has a chance to win and move up.

In men’s softball, A-League only saw four teams sign up this year, but there has been no shortage of excitement between them. At the time of writing, Los Bandidos has a strong lead over the other teams in the standings while currently remaining undefeated. Behind them is Keeping Softball Great Again, followed by Average Joe’s and Old School.

In contrast, B-League Men’s softball has seen 12 teams sign up this season, creating the need to split the teams between an East and West division. In the East, the Rich Athletes and Who’s on First lead, while in the West, Dingers Only leads with five other teams closely tied for second.  All-night softball is still planned for September 26th, and will be held on campus this year. 

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