NFL Kicks Into Gear


That’s right football fans, the NFL is back! Week 1 of football has just begun, and with it come answers to many questions about how the season will unfold. During the off-season, we saw some big names sign to new teams, with two of the most notable being Cam Newton, former Carolina Panther now New England Patriot, and Tom Brady, the long-time New England mainstay now as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. 

Cam Newton should be fine as the new star QB for Bill Belichick. If we know anything by now, it’s that Belichick can work with just about anyone to be a contender for the Superbowl. On the other hand, Tom Brady has a lot to prove in Tampa Bay. He has been gifted with a lot of offensive talent. But will that be enough for a proven yet aging QB?

 Last Sunday was filled with upsets. The Eagles, which just two years ago won a Superbowl, lost to the still-to-be-named Washington Football team. The Eagles have some work to do to take the division. Another surprising loss was taken by the 49ers who were a heavy favorite going into Sunday’s game. Last year the 49ers were up 20 to 10 on the Chiefs in the Super Bowl before letting Patrick Mahomes score 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter. The Cardinals were in last place last season. 

Understandably, there is a lot of rust from all of the teams. This can be partially attributed to the fact that players could not begin normal practices due to COVID-19 until way later in the year. It’s still just Week 1, but expect teams to begin improving and looking like their normal selves. Just remember not to underestimate the underdog.

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