Southern Village residents get students “juiced” about their new business

AM Juices

Senior business major Alexis Schultz and senior psychology major Morgan Nash started a juicing business called AM Juices from their campus apartment. AM Juices sells freshly pressed juices made from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

AM Juices is a small business on Southern’s campus started by senior business major Alexis Schultz and senior psychology major Morgan Nash. They sell freshly pressed juices made from a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Schultz and Nash have known each other for years, and both share an interest in health, wellness and juicing. The small business started off as a summer hobby but quickly became an opportunity. 

“During quarantine, it was kind of a depressing time, so [juicing] [became] one thing that just got us energized,” Nash said.

Because it’s their last semester, Schultz and Nash wanted to make the most of their final months before graduating. Because there is no place on campus that solely sells juices, they felt they could provide students with healthy and affordable options. 

As of now, they have two staple drinks “the red one” andthe green one.” Each drink was trialed and sampled until Schultz and Nash felt that the flavor combinations were just right. 

“We love putting in the work,” Schultz said. “I don’t actually think people [know] that we are prepping, making and packaging our juices. It’s a process, and we want people to know that we aren’t buying these juices to resell them.”

Along with these two drinks, AM Juices is also marketing a juice of the week that students can order through a form on their Iinstagram, @am.juices. The form opens every Friday and remains open until 6 p.m. on Sunday. The juices ordered can be picked up from Birch 5 in Southern Village on Monday and Tuesday during the specific time slots mentioned on the form. 

Payments for the juices are accepted through Cash App and Venmo, allowing for minimal contact with their customers. Keeping students safe from COVID-19 while running their business is important for Schultz and Nash. 

“We wash everything,” Nash said. “We try to stay COVID friendly with everything.” For now, there is no long-term plan of continuing AM Juices after graduation. However, Nash and Schultz hope their small business inspires other students on campus to open their own business. 

“I wish [we] had done something like this sooner,” Nash said.“I hope it puts out some ideas for other students on campus if they have a couple years left here. If there is something that (you) are interested in, don’t be shy and put yourself out there, because there is probably going to be other people interested.”

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