Lakers Are Champs Again


The long NBA season has finally come to a close. After dominant Games 1 and 2, an early exit for the Miami Heat seemed highly likely. Jimmy Butler had other plans, though, with a triple-double in both Games 3 and 5, forcing a Game 6. The Heat did have some adversity to play through with Bam Adebayo and Gordan Dragic both getting injured after Game 2. In order to make the series continue, others on the Heat would have to step up. Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson both rose to the occasion deciding to have above-average scoring nights to help the clearly exhausted Butler. With it being close in Game 5, it seemed that the Lakers were about to put the Heat away. The Lakers had the last shot and LeBron deferred to Danny Green, who saw his wide-open game-winning three fall short. That missed shot gave Heat fans all over the country hope for a possible seven–game series. The harsh reality is that the Heat, in the fateful Game 6, appeared as though they had already given everything they had and had nothing left in the tank to stop LeBron from another ring. The Heat at one point went down by 36 points. With outstanding performances by Butler, and the hustle from the Heat, the series was fun to watch. The reality was LeBron and Anthony Davis, with their supporting cast, was often too much for the Heat and the rest of the NBA to handle. Once again, Lebron is a champion and running mate Anthony Davis has gotten his first ring. It was an interesting year with plenty of surprises. We will have to wait to see when the NBA will return because of uncertainty due to COVID-19. What we do know is teams will return both ready to defend titles or get revenge for the 2019-2020 season.

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