MLB World Series Nears

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The World Series is just one series away. The previously unheralded Tampa Bay Rays, the overlooked Houston Astros, the powerhouse Los Angeles Dodgers and the upstart Atlanta Braves can all see the World Series in their future. 

The Braves have faced very little resistance on their way to the World Series. They’re 5-0 and four games have been shutouts. The Dodgers will absolutely provide more challenge. 

The Dodgers have been equally as dominant, albeit giving up more runs than the Braves. They made quick work in the first two games of the Wild Card against the Brewers and swept upstart San Diego in three games while seldom trailing. 

The Rays have faced the best competition thus far. As the first seed, the Rays faced eight seed Toronto, who was actually a game out from being the 5th seed or higher. They swept, but Game One was tight. Their next series with the New York Yankees went to five games- the only series to go the distance. They won it in the 8th on a solo home run and have defeated the Astros in Game One by the same score: 2-1. 

The Astros, after finishing below .500 in the regular season, swept the Minnesota Twins and made quick work of division rival Oakland in the division series. Just making it this far, after cheating in previous years en route to success, is a big win for them. No one wanted to see them here, regardless of if they continue. 

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