Former Olympic gymnastics coach commits suicide

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In 2016, the former Team USA Gymnastics doctor and Michigan State professor Larry Nassar was charged with sexual abuse and other charges. A Netflix documentary on his sexual crimes came out when a bombshell report broke about Nassar’s decades of sexual abuse. 

John Geddert, a former Team USA Gymnastics coach who had ties to the disgraced Nassar, was recently hit with 24 charges relating to sexual abuse and human trafficking. The charges were the latest in a massive fallout from the 2016 scandal involving Nassar. As a result, Geddert committed suicide. 

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said Geddert’s body was found at a rest stop in Michigan. Geddert was on his way to court. Rather than being transported there, Nessel’s office elected to allow him to make his way there after being in contact with Geddert’s attorney and were assured of his intent to cooperate. Evidently, Geddert had other plans. 

Geddert had initially been suspended in the wake of the Nassar scandal. And in 2018, he announced he was retiring. During that time, though no charges were handed down. Yet, some witnesses insisted he was aware of Nassar’s crimes. A few years later, it appears they may have been right. While it has been almost five years since the initial report, we can see the fallout is far from over.

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