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Big names in football such as Russell Wilson, J. J. Watt and Deshaun Watson have NFL fans wishing to get one of these great talents to help put them over the top. Watt and Watson have both expressed to the Houston Texans that they want out, with Watt receiving a release. Wilson has gone on record to say he would be open to some teams if the Seahawks are not interested in resigning him.

Watt has been one of the greatest defensive ends in football since he was drafted. Sadly, he decided to move on from his longtime team, the Texans. Rumors had people guessing that he might join up with his brothers T. J. and Derek Watt in Pittsburgh. 

The Steelers had a great season last year but had an early exit in the first round. It wouldn’t be hard imagining him wanting to play with his two brothers for his last few years. Another suspected team to land J. J. was the Green Bay Packers. He and all his brothers played in Wisconsin for the Badgers. Ultimately, Watt signed a three-year $31 million contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

Watson put up incredible numbers, especially last season when he led the league in passing yards. He has expressed frustration many times now with the Texans and has stated he will refuse to play if not traded. 

Destinations that Watson could land are the Denver Broncos, Carolina Panthers, San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. If the Texans have it their way, Watson won’t be going anywhere. They have said they don’t plan on trading him, though he remains adamant that he will not play for them again.

Wilson will likely stay right where he is in Seattle. In the unlikely event he is traded, Wilson said there are only four places he would like to play if not Seattle: the Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints, Las Vegas Raiders or the Chicago Bears. It remains highly unlikely that he’ll move on or that the Seahakws will want to move him. But he has begun expressing some displeasure with how things are going there currently. 

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