Campus eateries undergo changes this semester


Many of Southern Adventist University’s campus eateries have undergone recent changes. Most notable is the addition of the new Campus Kitchen 2 (CK2), located in the Bietz Center for Student Life. 

With the opening of CK2, KR’s Place closed this semester. CK2 Manager Kim Armstrong and her KR’s staff subsequently transferred to CK2, where they have been working since the start of this semester.   

Some returning students who remember KR’s have voiced their opinion about CK2.  Junior mass communication major Victoria Mills has stated that CK2 “seems like it has less variety and some of the dishes have been discontinued…” 

However, Armstrong said the menu is expanding, albeit at a slow pace due to the eatery having over 40 new student workers.  

Currently, CK2 does not use the GET Mobile App, an app that allows students to order their food ahead of time and pick it up when they arrive, as the eatery and its workers are still adjusting to the workload and new environment. Armstrong said she does not want her student workers to be overloaded with too many orders at this time.  

When asked about the future of KR’s, Armstrong said that is still to be decided. Currently, the plan is for KR’s to reopen next semester, but KR’s menu is yet to be determined. However, Armstrong has made it known that students should provide ideas and suggestions about what they think KR’s should be doing. Students can contact Armstrong at   

Across the street from campus, students may have noticed a change in the Deli at the Village Market (VM). The Deli has currently stopped serving dinner.  

“Due to a severe shortage of both Deli student and full-time staff members, we had to make the unfortunate decision to temporarily cancel supper service,” said VM Director Jackie Rose.  “Once we are able to hire an appropriate number of employees, we will be able to provide supper service again.” 

The VM’s labor shortage has also impacted its ability to provide Deli food for students through the GET Mobile App, Rose said. However, other improvements are coming to the VM. 

“We are in the process of getting e-commerce up and running,” Rose said.

Once the service becomes available, the VM will be able to offer online ordering and curbside pickup for Deli and store items. According to Rose, the VM is also continuing to provide “new and trendy” products in each of its departments, many of which are eligible for students’ meal plans.  

 On Thursday, September 2, the Kayak, a smoothie shop located in the Hulsey Wellness Center, sold smoothies in the Dining Hall during lunch hours. Cheryl Maguire, manager of the Kayak, said the Kayak only sold two kinds of smoothies last Thursday in the Dining Hall, and Thursday was the only day the Kayak was selling in the Dining Hall. They are planning to sell smoothies in the Dining Hall again but have not finalized plans as to how often. Maguire advised students to watch the TV screens on campus for updates.  

When asked if the Kayak plans to expand anywhere else on campus, Maguire said, “We are working on possibly catering smoothies to departments on campus, but this is still in it’s planning stages.”  

The Kayak has not introduced any new food items this semester. But last semester, the shop began producing “Walking Tacos,” and the item is still being produced this semester, according to Maguire.  She said students may order from the Kayak ahead of time, as the Kayak currently uses the GET Mobile App. 

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