Number of LifeGroups doubles this year


The number of LifeGroups has more than doubled this year compared to last year, according to Office of Ministry and Missions Associate Chaplain Anna Bennett. Bennett said that this year alone, the number of LifeGroups has returned to more than 80. There are seven different categories of LifeGroups, including activity-based, support, Bible study, book-based, disciple-making, topical and women’s ministries, according to Bennett.

Each group has strong leaders who focus on the spiritual transformations of every student on campus. Bennett said that similarly to previous years, there are more than 80 Lifegroups this semester. She added that this year, leaders are ambitious to connect with students and implement new ways of connecting with each other “beginning with the end in mind.” 

The School of Social Work partnered with LifeGroups to form a new interesting group this year titled “Exploring Sexuality.” According to the LifeGroup website, this group confronts the dilemma between sexual identity and how it might affect individual beliefs.

 Bennett said the biggest reason LifeGroups are so impactful on campus is that there is a sense of desire for student involvement and student leadership. According to Bennett, LifeGroups are not just a place where an individual can dive deeper into the Bible; they offer so much more than that. LifeGroups’ goal is spiritual transformation, but that does not mean they are only for the religion majors. LifeGroups are a way to connect with others. 

“Everyone wants to belong, and LifeGroups provide belonging,” Bennett said.

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