The Major League Baseball lockout

Empty Coors Field stadium in Denver, Colorado. Wednesday, February 22, 2017.
Empty Coors Field stadium in Denver, Colorado. Wednesday, February 22, 2017.

Written by: Jacob Nevis

Baseball is still America’s pastime, and Major League Baseball (MLB) is the main reason why. The MLB has been around since 1903, and it continues to sustain one of the major sports in the United States. 

Fans love to go to baseball games in the summer and cheer for their favorite teams. However, this upcoming season could be in jeopardy, and teams might not play because of something known as “a lockout.” 

A lockout as defined by Oxford Dictionary is “the exclusion of employees by their employer from their place of work until certain terms are agreed to.” 

In terms of the MLB, lockout means the same thing. The owners of the 30 teams are locking out their “employees,” the players, from going to work, or rather, going to play baseball. The main reason the owners are doing this boils down to the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) expiring after the 2021 season. 

The CBA is negotiated by the owners and the union that represents the players. The CBA is what determines the wages, hours and safety of the players, as well as some other aspects of the agreement between owners and players. 

The lockout started on December 2; and, as of now, there has not been much negotiating between the two parties. Since there has not been much talk of an agreement being produced, the start of the baseball season could be postponed.

The first spring training game of the 2022 season is scheduled to be played on February 26, which is only a month away. If the MLB is going to play on that day, an agreement has to be negotiated in the coming days. This is needed because there has been no offseason of MLB.

 The offseason is especially important for sports because this is when teams sign free agents and trade as well as build their teams. Since the MLB has been on a lockout, teams have not been allowed to do this. If baseball is going to be played, there needs to be some movement, but look for the season to be postponed if that does not happen.  

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